Transformation Tuesday!

My before pic was probably around my heaviest weight (240’ish – not sure, as I wouldn’t step on a scale). This was April 2017. I decided I REALLY needed to “lose a little weight” 😳

So frustrated with myself, depressed, angry – all the emotions going on, I was determined to make a change. It would still be several months, with no real success in my loss, before I began entertaining the thought of surgery.

Fast Forward to March, 2018 – a friend from high school went to Mexico for VSG – and was having AMAZING results! A light bulb went off…. I COULD do this, too! So, I jumped on that WLS train bound for Tijuana! (Really it was a plane from TX to San Diego, then a van ride to Tijuana) 😉

April 27, 2018 I began my pre-op diet, lost 11 lbs by my Surgery date of 5/4/18 (my 46th Birthday 😊)

I Could Not Be Happier than I am right now with my decision! It has allowed me to regain control of my health and happiness!

Today – I’m a healthy, happy 153!