Debi Jarrell

Hello friends! My name is Debi Jarrell I can not say enough about this team ! Melissa & Nathan & Dr G have been like family since 2012 I was sleeved in 2014 I had my make over.

It was awesome! I would not have been treated as good in the states as I was in Mexico! I was treated with respect & kindness at all times! Melissa goes above & beyond to help & when you arrive it is the same way. They r the best of the best! My life was forever changed! Thank you my Beauty & Light! Also I have been about twelve more times taking friends!

Debbie Roberts

Today is my one year anniversary for sleeve surgery. Wow 94 pounds gone. I never would have believed it. Thanks Beauty and Light.


Courtney @FitMissBliss

One year.

This is literally one year of progress and transformation. I can't believe it. I can't believe I did it. I can't believe I got on a plane a year ago all alone headed to Mexico to go under the knife to just hope I had a chance at a normal life. I can't believe I made it through. I can't believe I am here. I can't believe I'm not longer on 5 medications per day- and that I have PROVEN that my "genetic" high blood pressure was ONLY due to obesity. I can't believe I wear a size 2. I can't believe this is my real life. I can't stop crying. I seriously am so happy...I did it you God's grace, I did it!! A special thank you to my surgeon and wonderful medical team Dr. Mauricio Guittirez and Nurse Nathan for the amazingly successful #vsg they performed. I worked the tool and put in all the work- but I'd absolutely never ever be here without your skilled hands and beyond quality medical care. Love you both.

Cindy Chambers

SW 402 - in total I lost 241 lbs - VSG 4/17/15

Christie Koontz Barnhardt

Yesterday was my 1 year surgery-versary! I hit goal weight in June and was at goal weight this am. I also had Dr. Medina work his magic on me last month! I couldn't be happier! Thank you to the wonderful team at Beauty and Light!

Cece Larse

March 9, 2018 I had VSG surgery. September 9, 2018 marks my six month journey. I have lost 90 pounds. I went from a size 22 pants to a size 10. My shirt size from XL to medium.

My advice to anyone considering VSG. Do it. I would not be here today without this surgery.

I faced the facts, I tried for over 16 years to lose weight through dieting and exercise and I honestly did not have the will power to keep it up. I would lose 20 to 30 pounds and would gain it back. This was the only way for me.

Also, I am still off insulin. My glucose levels are good. My only regret is not doing this sooner.

Brooke Fanning Goodman

11 weeks post op

Pic on the left was my heaviest and was in March. Pic on the right was yesterday.



5’3” 35 years old

Pic on left of surgery day. Pic on right today.

Sleeved 7/14/18




35 years old

Broke Wrx

Surgery date March 2017

Heaviest weight 485lbs

Surgery weight 457lbs

Current 252lbs

April LeJeune

Today is my year surgiversary! No regrets! More to go! Best decision ever! 😘

Amy Alexander

Ok so today makes 15 weeks since my surgery I am down to 180 lbs and feeling great. Thank you beauty and light for everything!