Tamara Walker

Today May 21, 2017 marks one year since I had my surgery. Yes people one year ago today. Lol. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. I went from 290 to 180. I lost 110 a whole person in one year and im very happy about that.

Sher McCard

7 yrs ago i decided to take my tax return and get a on plane 2 days later to TJ Mexico for a procedure that could of killed me but at the rate i was growing i was already dead inside. I never reached my goal but i was able to get pregnant after trying for 15 plus yrs. If you're on the fence then take the plunge because if your weight didn't bother you, you wouldn't have considered the surgery in the 1st place.

Hw 553
Lw 255
Cw 273

Sharon Watts

The difference in one week blows my mind! The first picture is week 2 and the second is week 3. I’ve hit my first stall- which I knew would happen. I’m down 24 pounds and at least 4 inches in my waist!

Sarah Evans Spencer

Transformation Tuesday!

My before pic was probably around my heaviest weight (240’ish - not sure, as I wouldn’t step on a scale). This was April 2017. I decided I REALLY needed to “lose a little weight” 😳

So frustrated with myself, depressed, angry - all the emotions going on, I was determined to make a change. It would still be several months, with no real success in my loss, before I began entertaining the thought of surgery.

Fast Forward to March, 2018 - a friend from high school went to Mexico for VSG - and was having AMAZING results! A light bulb went off.... I COULD do this, too! So, I jumped on that WLS train bound for Tijuana! (Really it was a plane from TX to San Diego, then a van ride to Tijuana) 😉

April 27, 2018 I began my pre-op diet, lost 11 lbs by my Surgery date of 5/4/18 (my 46th Birthday 😊)

I Could Not Be Happier than I am right now with my decision! It has allowed me to regain control of my health and happiness!

Today - I’m a healthy, happy 153!

Sandy Guerra Cordova

50 lbs gone...feeling great!! Thanks Dr. Gutierrez, Nathan and the crew!

Ryan Reece

It's been about ten plus years since I could cross my leg over my knee 😂😂😂😂

Robin Yown

In red taken on 8/19/18. In white taken on 10/3/18. I look alot smaller. 😄 YAY!!!!

Raquel Verrett-Cifuentes

Can't believe a few days away from my 11 months post op mark.
VSG Perks:
120 lbs lost
Size 3x/4x to L/XL
Pants Size 26 to 14/16
No more sleep apnea
Can rock a bathing suit
Shopping in regular sized stores
If you are on the fence..just do it!
Regrets: Not having surgery sooner!
Love my Beauty and Light Family!!

Patricia Manrriquez

I can't believe the difference a year has made. I've lost a little over a 100 lbs and I feel so much better. Thank you Dr G, Nathan Rojas, and all the surgical team for giving me such a wonderful transformation. God bless yall for the wonderful work yall do in changing a person's life!! I can't thank you enough!!!!

MJ Atchinson

Picture on right was 18 months ago!!!! If you’re on the fence about having the sleeve, just do it!!!! It has totally changed my life! From size 22 to size 8 in 7 months!!